Sunday, 9 August 2020


 Despite the weather it was a really good day at Pantybedw fishery with many blues and rainbows being caught.

Apologies to the anglers that I had to turn away but  I am keeping to a limited number of anglers due to the virus. 

Please call in advance to check conditions and space.

Monday, 13 July 2020



It is great to hear the excitement in the voices of children fishing around the lake. Louie, just 4 years old, from just up the road to the fishery bought his dad Chris along to the fishery on Sunday to catch a ‘rainbow’. He is a keen watcher of angling on U tube and the TV and knows all there is to know about fishing for brown trout, salmon, perch, eels, carp and various other fish including those monsters from Africa. His favorite phrase is ‘do you know’ and he then goes into a lengthy description on a topic. He is a great little kid and as they say ‘hooked’ on fishing. Any way his dream came true and he did not catch just one rainbow but 3. All around 3 pound which to a 4-year-old are monsters. He is a bit young to fly fish but is a dab hand at fishing with the float and worm. Look at the bend in the rod and the effort he is putting into this fish. At 3 pounds the fish are nearly as big as he is.

Great little lad, great fish and a great future in angling.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


Now that there has been some changes to the lock down rules and people can travel anywhere again, Pant y Bedw fishery is reverting back to the rules that were in place before lockdown with the exception of social distancing so you must keep at least 2m from anyone else while at the fishery.
The opening and closing times are now 0800 to 2000hrs and I have re introduced the evening fishing ticket. Upto 2 hours prior to sunset for £8.
If you have any queries please call me to discuss.
The fishery is fishing well at the moment with some anglers catching up to the bag limit of 10 fish and the fish are in excellent fighting condition.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Last year and earlier this year 2 local boys used to come worming with their mums or dads and got hooked on trout fishing. Earlier this year cousins, Owen 9 and Rhys 13 invested their pocket money and presents into their first fly fishing gear and have been coming to the lake to fly fish where many anglers have invested their time into teaching these 2 lads  how to fly fish. several of the anglers have also given the lads flies to use.
Yesterday they came and their mum asked me to look after them while they fished. Entirely on their own they managed one rainbow for Owen and 3 to the net for Rhys. All fish were landed and returned fighting fit.
When Owen hooked this lovely fish all I could here was "its a monster". Rhys ran to help land the fish and the rest is history. 
If only all kids were this polite and pleasant the world would be a much better place.

Owen with his rainbow.

Saturday, 27 June 2020


The fishing has really picked up well as the rain helps to refresh the lake, cooler temperatures and a recent stocking of top quality rainbows and a few blues from Exmoor fishery have arrived. The new stock of trout seems to have motivated the older fish into action with  many anglers going away with nearly all 3lb plus top quality hard fighting fish.
Arthur Bamford, disabled from Neath had 3 crackers, another had 7 to the net and other anglers do well at the same time.

Art used to be a really good fly fisherman but due to his disability still enjoys a day out by the lake.

Tudor with his first catch of the day.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020


I know I say it every time I stock rainbows from Exmoor that they are cracking fish but this time there were some beauties going in. This lot should liven up the existing fish and give some lucky anglers an exciting time.


Lee caught this cracking hard fighting rainbow 22 May despite the windy conditions. Even if there is wind the lake has several pegs that you can turn your back to the wind and enjoy your fishing.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Monday, 2 March 2020

Mike and Duncan had a few cracking rainbows at Pant y Bedw fishery today

Mike and Duncan managed a few cracking rainbows (2 hour ticket) today fishing down wind with cats whisker and Blue/black tadpole.